Wisdom shows you what’s pretty

There are many colourful flowers on the path of life,
but it is the prettiest that have the sharpest of thorns.
Each time I’ve encountered a thorn I’ve stopped and asked myself
Is it that, there is wisdom I lack…?

The one beautiful thing about growing up
Is the wisdom they say should come with age
The understanding of how life works
And the insight into wise choices and their wealthy outcomes

But as the world and his Mrs would have it,
The path on this earth comes with many choices
Our experiences of life are down to our selections
And we don’t always take on, what wisdom has to offer

On one thing however, I believe we can agree,
There is nothing better than being truly wise
That knowing how to interpret the meaning of life
Which gives gentleness to words as well as to manners

Wisdom will show you what’s truly beautiful
Wisdom will teach you how to avoid the thorns
And should you have to encounter those painful thorns
Wisdom will warn you and open your eyes

Seek out true wisdom as you wake at the dawn
Find true wisdom before taking a step
Ask true wisdom to shape your path
And should you encounter a thorn in your path
Ask yourself, what wisdom do I lack…?

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