Bath Towels

Picture of luxurious bathroom towel set in golden yellow

Kingsley Home Lifestyle – Bath Sheet – Mustard

Egyptian Cotton – 150x90cm
source: Pinterest

While reading around I learnt that a good quality towel should last you anywhere between five to ten years!! I don’t know if I have ever kept a towel for that long, I must be doing something wrong!

Rich deep red calvin Klein bath towel
Calvin Klein – Riviera Towel – Vapour – Bath Towel – Red

100% cotton – 70x140cm – Luxurious 500gsm
source: Pinterest


Luxurious bath towel in blue

Sheridan – ‘Luxury Egyptian’ – Bath Sheet – Dark Green

100% cotton – 97x167cm – Luxurious 660gsm
Source: Pinterest


Linea Egyptian Cotton – Bath Towel – Hot Pink

Egyptian Cotton – 70x140cm
Source: Pinterest


White bathroom towel with green detail on borders

ANALI Florentine Bath Towel

Made using Italian materials – 30″x 52″ – Ivory / Blue
source: Pinterest

Like most people, I love fresh clean bedding and fresh clean towels. I mean who doesn’t love fresh clean anything? But as I get older, fresh clean towels are becoming a top priority!

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