Be Consistent

I recently re-discovered an old friend that my mother introduced me to when I was very young – Aqueous Cream.

Back then, Aqueous Cream was fine, that’s what my mother bought and she also said that it would be great for my skin. But I really wanted to use more ‘grown-up’ products on my skin. The fancy lotions and creams I saw on TV or that other girls used.

I remember my mother used to tell me to keep it simple when it came to skincare. “Don’t do too much…”, she would say, “…and try to be consistent with your skin care routine.” Words that fell on deaf ears.

My struggle with acne started in my early teens. I hated the acne and the scars, but did not really give my skin the right care and attention. At the time, I probably did not know enough but cared too much to ignore it. Of course, the first chance I got to ditch the Aqueous Cream my mother spoke highly of, I did. I was looking for something that ‘worked’, pretty desperate for clear skin and did not heed my mother’s words.

I over-washed, did a lot of scrubbing and exfoliating, used harsh D.I.Y. masks, popped zits, picked at scars, even bleached…nothing worked!  At times, I quietly just accepted the scars and blemishes. This was me, and this was my skin and there was not much I could do about it. Other times I simply resorted to hoping and praying that one day, the problem skin would somehow disappear.

As I got older, I continued trying different products and tried to do better with the consistency. Washing and moisturising twice a day, exfoliating twice a week and a mask once a week. Reading various blogs and watching skincare videos on YouTube led to even more trials of several different products.

Some of the products I tried worked for a time, others not so much and a few I really should have stayed away from. By worked I mean, I had less break outs and the acne scars/blemishes were clearing…but it was temporary.

Part of me feels like this trial and error process may have been a necessary part of my journey. Through all the reading I did I learnt so much about skin and more importantly about my own skin. Another part of me says, I could have handled it all better. I was still doing far too much and not being consistent by moving from one product to another too quickly.

And it was some time before I started to listen to my skin more as I learnt that it was more than just the products. Diet, sleep, exercise and general happiness also play a huge part in skincare.

I am now in my 30’s and my skin and I, are doing pretty well. Among the main reasons for that is I am not doing too much, I am being consistent and my old friend Aqueous Cream is part of my skincare routine again. I have oily skin but have found that Aqueous Cream keeps my skin well moisturised and I can go through the day without worrying about oiliness which is a huge plus! It is not expensive and, I can use it for my face and my body too.

It can be a substitute for soap when washing as it can cleanse the skin while also preventing it from drying out. I also eat better, drink a lot of water and exercise too. I am confident that one day I will have clear skin.

So to anyone who asks me about skincare, I will say “Don’t do too much…and try to be consistent when it comes to your skincare routine.” It’s more than just the products and even then sometimes it is the most simple of products that do a great job.

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